Specific Sectors


There are many reasons why we would encourage prayer for the police. Pray for the uncorrupted and hardworking members of the SAPS to enjoy favour and be promoted while praying that the bad ones either change their ways or are removed!

Showing the police service that you care enough to pray for them will increase morale. There often seems to be mutual suspicion between the police and the community. Prayer can help to break down the barriers.

Praying specifically for your local police station will also bring tangible results. There is an increasing amount of evidence to show that prayer can reduce crime and community tension. In some areas where churches have been specific in their prayers, there have been annual crime reductions of 30% – 40%.

Romans 13:1-5 identifies the role of the police service as coming from God, so we need to pray for them even if they are not aware that they are doing his will. In 1 Timothy 2:1-2 Paul urges that we pray for those in authority in order that ‘we may live peaceful and quiet lives’. The police service has the task of keeping the peace.

Mutual encouragement, appropriate support and individual friendships are all very powerful ways of transforming lives.

How to get a prayer focus for your local police:

  • Contact your local police station and find out the name of the community police officer or community support  officer for your area. Pray for that person by name.
  • Regularly obtain a copy of your local newspaper and look for reports where officers have been injured on duty and pray for them.
  • Using your local newspaper, list reports of local crime and pray that the police will be successful in apprehending the perpetrators.
  • Listen to local radio and television news and take note of any items involving the police that need praying about.
  • Pray for God’s protection on your local area that you will have peace and an absence of crime.
  • Find out the name of the senior police officer in charge of your area and pray for him / her and all the staff (both police and support staff) who work under their command.
  • Whenever you see a police vehicle, whether or not they are on an emergency call, pray for the crew.
  • If you hear a police vehicle responding to an emergency call, pray for the safety of the officers and for the situation to which they might be responding.
  • If you know of a Christian police officer in your area, pray that they will have a strong and effective witness amongst their colleagues.
  • Obtain a ‘Prayer Bookmark’ from the Christian Police Association and use it to pray for specific needs of the Police Service.


Being a South African farmer is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world! Farm attacks in South Africa are often very brutal and frequently lethal. We pray for our farmers so they are protected spiritually and ask God for wisdom on how to protect them practically. We are looking at different initiatives to support our farmers. One of them is “Adopt a farmer” campaign where we can connect farmers with people who will pray for and encourage them. Please click here to visit the Facebook page (Bid vir ons boere/ Pray for our farmers).