We have a vision to inspire every church and believer to come together and pray for the transformation of our country! This requires a lot of logistical work: obtaining churches contact information, correspondence via e-mail, making telephone calls, arranging one on one meetings with leaders in the community, coordinating local prayer meetings within towns or cities, assisting people to set up prayer groups in their communities or places of work. We have also arranged prayer meetings at police stations and assisted community policing forums (CPFs) from a spiritual aspect in the past and will endeavour to do so again in the future.

Your support makes our work possible! We are a registered non-profit organization with the South African Department of Social Development (see certificate below). Our organization is overseen by a governing board whose members are not related by birth or marriage. The governing board ensures that money is spent in an accountable and ethical manner.

Name of Account: Prayer for a Crime Free South Africa
Account no:         62389106206
Acccont type:      Cheque
Bank:                  First National Bank, Park Place
Branch code:        252605
Swift code:          FIRNZAJJ